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    my cornish hen has been laying in her nest for over a month now without laying anymore eggs. She layed 12 eggs in July and that was it. She only will come out to eat a bit and drink. She screatches at us and still there are no eggs under her at all. Will she ever lay eggs again? My cochan is still laying eggs daily and my golen buff just layed her first egg today, and it was huge!!!! Now I'm waiting for my rhode island barred rock to lay. We got 2 in January and 2 in Feburary and they were all chicks. ITs been tough having them all be in the same coupe. There are 4 nesting boxes, but my cochan will not let the smaller two in there, so the golden buff layed her egg out side the coupe, is this ok?

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    She has gone broody, try gently lifting her off the nest and making her go outside a few times a day and she will get over it most times in a week or two.... Their legs are stiff from setting so be careful setting her down and getting her to walk. She may nip and growl at you a bit when taking her from the nest...[​IMG]

    Once she quits brooding she will again begin laying...

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