Worried about my hen!!

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  1. JnLn2cs

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    Jul 26, 2014
    We get home this afternoon & go check/feed the animals (2 hens, rooster, 2 goats & 3 turkeys) & see that after i throw out some cracked corn, 1 of the hens is struggling getting her food. I sat there & watched her for maybe 20min., saw that she wasnt opening/shutting her mouth.(it looked like she was just breathing thru her mouth at first) And i could tell she was probably starving from not being able to get food & chew/swallow. My husband picked her up & he could shut her mouth, but as soon as he let off, it would go back open. We have given her water from a dropper & a friend suggested we could give her plain yogurt. My husband thought " could she have dislocated her jaw going in/out of the coop somehow or got hurt on their jungle gym??; maybe her & one of the other animals got into it???" We looked at everything around to think of what may have caused this to happen. Since we have had/added the goats, chickens & turkeys, they have all gotten along & done their own thing. Im just really worried....and of course this had to happen on a weekend when the vets are closed!! Ughhh. What should i do?? Any advice??
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    Mar 26, 2011
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    That is really strange! I'm going to guess its dislocated too, maybe she got attacked. I would call a vet on Monday for this one.

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