Worried about my new chick...


8 Years
Mar 6, 2011
I am new to the boards, and to keeping chickens. In fact, it's been 2 whole days now. I bought 12 chicks from TSC on Friday, have already lost 2, and now I am afraid that my friendliest bantam may be prolapsing. There seems to be something pink sticking out and a large lump underneath. Since this is my first post, the website won't let me put a pic up, but here is a link to the pic at Facebook. Help please! I don't know if my kids can handle another loss today.

I don't have a face book profile......suppose I need to get one but there is enough to do. Chicks are a funny thing. TSC orders from the same places we orer chicks from and many thrive. But when yours don't it is kind of heartbreaking. I have problem even going in to look at the chicks at TSC. NOT because of the store but all of the different people handling those chicks. Most DO survive.
I do the bio security method in my coop. I visit no other coops and don't let other come to my coop.
If you bring in new birds you can't even let them breath the same air....... Yeah thats hard.
Sometimes the prettiest birds are a mutation and may have other internal problems.
SS for your loss and hope the best to come.
You might add a tiny bit vitamins & electrolytes powder ($3 at feed store) to their water for 2-4 days (or even Gatorade), if you think your chicks could use a nutrition boost.

And watch your brooder to check that the chicks aren't getting too cold (They'll huddle together if they are).

It can be hard to keep chickens healthy. Here's hoping things go well with you
Yeah, first three days has baby elctrolyte solution 50% and then Apple cider viniger, 1 tblsp per gallon after for sour croop. I ordered 30 and got 31 and now I have 31 but it feels like 50. They are crazy birds. One flew into the 10 pd feeder. She had been there for several hours befor I got to her, but I gave her extra water and now I can't tell who it was. I'm so happy with my smart little chicks.
I do have a hubby and builder that over does EVERYTHING, but Its great.
Thanks for the encouragement. We are really enjoying watching the adorable chicks run around the brooders, and it seems like the rest (including the one who has something weird going on with her vent) are happy and healthy. We are using the Sav-A-Chick from TSC, and I am probably being a bit fanatical about the heat in the brooder, since I feel like I check it a million times per day.

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