worried about one hen not laying

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    Here are my questions. We have 3 barred rock hens that started laying the beginning of March. We were getting 3 eggs a day with the couple days when we got 2 -for the days when one took the day off. Now for over a week and a half we are only getting 2 eggs a day. I don't know which of the girls for sure is not laying. Should we be concerned? I gave them this block of feed as a treat and it took quit a while for them to eat it but I did notice that they each got a build up of feces in their feathers and laying basically stopped- we were down to one egg a day. I cleaned all of the girls up and we are now getting 2 eggs a day since. I am wondering why we are not getting 3-the block is gone and they are just getting their feed and the plants around while they free range for about an hour a day. They all seem to be acting fine, no changes there. Any advice or suggestions from all the pros out there would be greatly appreciated! Could the one just be stressed from the clean up or her system getting back to normal with just her daily feed? [​IMG]

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    Two eggs for three hens is normal. They are just staggering their days off. When hens first start laying even heritage breeds can lay everyday once they get going. As they get a couple of months older they slow down to a more steady pace.

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