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    Last Sunday when I had to work a 24 hr. shift I didn't worry about my chicks because my SO has been on vacation and he took excellent care of them for me. However, his vacation ends today and I'm worried about how the chicks will do when we are both gone this Sunday. My first concern is about their brooder temp. because we've had a hard time moderating it. Right now, we are only having to heat the shed, not the brooder and only turn their heat lamp on around midnight for them to have the extra heat in case it's needed overnight. They have plenty of room to get away from the lamp if they get too hot. I'm thinking the best thing to do would be for my SO to turn down the heater when he leaves for work @ 2 PM (so it doesn't get too hot in there in the late afternoon), but turn their heat lamp on then in case they need it before he gets home @ midnight. The low for Sunday here is forecast to be 54 and the shed holds the daytime heat; so it's more a matter of them getting too warm, not too cold.
    The other problem is the jumpers, or renegades as we're calling them. I have 2 chicks that regularly jump out of the pool/brooder and that leaves them running around inside the draft guard. I guess the solution here would be to leave a little dish of food and water on the floor inside the draft guard?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. For the jumpers, get some chicken wire or welded wire to keep them in. Just run it around the brooder. For the heat lamp situation, get a timer. [​IMG]
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