Worried About Scale Mites. Picture

Chickery Chick

6 Years
Jul 27, 2013
I noticed my young roo's scales seem hard and a bit raised. All I could find was horrific advanced stages of of scale mites and am worried this is early stage and would like to treat before it gets bad. Maybe this is normal? None of my other hens' scales look like this, or is this a roo thing?
Those scales look normal to me. Larger, older birds (and roosters) often seem to have rougher scales. Your birds scales do not look like those affected by scaly leg mites. Some of my birds have scales even a little more raised then those, and they have no mites (they've always been like that). To be safe, you could dip his legs in oil or slather petroleum jelly on, but I really think that his legs are fine.
Thank you. He is so young and just started cockadoodledooing 3 days ago for the 1st time, so I was worried because they do seem extra scaly and course compared to the other young roo and 10 hens all the same age. As you can see in the photo, he doesn't even have his spurs yet. He also started getting black spots on his comb so I got worried that he had something going on but thanks to all you dear folks that have assured me that his comb is fine too, just probably mosquito bites or fly bites. I did put flea spay on his legs just to make sure and will do that periodically for a few weeks as a precaution.

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