Worried about week and a half old chick

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by K_Elise, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. K_Elise

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    Jul 5, 2018
    I just got 6 chicks that are a week to week and a half. One of my D'uccle chicks, oldest of my chicks, is more lethargic than the others and does not seem to peep. She does eat and drink. Her breathing seems a little heavy to me. Not gasping for air or anything. This morning 5 of the chicks were up running all around eating and drinking. The one was just wanting to stay asleep in her blanket. When I pick her up she just snuggles my fingers and goes to sleep. Should I be worried about Her? Is there anything I can Do? I know baby chicks sleep a lot, but she is just not as active as the others. I will get more pictures of her this evening when I get home. She is the brown one with the most wing feathers closest to the edge of the cage in the second picture and the brown one on top of the others in the first picture. 20180709_002928.jpg 20180708_183029.jpg
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    I would say yes... if you think you should be concerned you are correct. :hmm

    Where did they come from?

    I would treat using Corid as if they had coccidiosis since it IS the most common issue inside a brooder. Heavy breathing, when it isn't respiratory illness is a sign of distress.

    But more than that... where is their heat? Being cold can definitely cause lethargy.

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  3. I'm afraid you indeed should be worried.EggSighted4Life makes some good points.
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    Feb 11, 2018
    Need heat. About 90 degrees..they have no feathers nor a momma to keep them warm... But at this point too late for a hen ....just need heat
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    Jul 5, 2018
    Thank you all for your comments. I gave them a 100w bulb to provided them with the little extra heat they need. They are inside and the room they are in stays around 85. Now with the 100w bulb it should be 90 were the bulb shines. I also put wool socks full of beans to help trap heat for them. They all seem to be doing great today.
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