Worried I have too much ventilation

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    May 28, 2019
    I am raising my first flock :) i have 13 babies ranging from almost 6 wks to 7.5 weeks. I felt confident about coop design until I put my babies in for their first night.. My coop is 12x9 ft and their run is 10x15... small, but it will work until I build a fence for more yard access. Anyways, they were so freaked out and I was worried too cold last night (down to 47). And the beautiful vents seemed soo big! I hung a little light last night before dark... and I have a huge tote I turned over on it’s side and we put them in there. They were crying and huddled so tightly against the door crying :( we got them settled and tucked in, but a few were just clinging to us. I’m going to put a huge crate in there tonight and cover it and then they can choose where to sleep... but I digress... ventilation! The tallest wall is 6.5 feet with hardware cloth 14 inches along the top. The front sides have some as well. The back of the coop is fully anclosed. That is where roost is... 24 in high with wall behind 4 ft. The coop front faces slightly nw. Is this too much ventilation?
    Sorry for all the pics... it was so hard not to post my chick pics too...
    thank you!! I live in coastal northen 1840DDD9-830E-405D-A3DB-12A6C8BB411E.jpeg 34DC8D9F-25FB-4EAC-A969-2E6BB67439D8.jpeg 5F7E4797-D664-403F-9AAB-04F16D5F1376.jpeg 904C25D1-964C-45AC-AC5D-C8FF12C47930.jpeg 5FDE689D-943C-44E8-A5CB-598D7A1514A5.jpeg 40A6C66E-FA82-4257-9418-0D3888BFFA86.jpeg 5FDE689D-943C-44E8-A5CB-598D7A1514A5.jpeg 92B613BC-D2FD-491D-A92F-E8357FC13DEB.jpeg 904C25D1-964C-45AC-AC5D-C8FF12C47930.jpeg EB2E8E3D-3C19-4BC5-A565-4C84BBBA44A4.jpeg 5F7E4797-D664-403F-9AAB-04F16D5F1376.jpeg 34DC8D9F-25FB-4EAC-A969-2E6BB67439D8.jpeg 52C19676-27E0-44A6-A162-001926AE5994.jpeg 1840DDD9-830E-405D-A3DB-12A6C8BB411E.jpeg Humboldt county, ca
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    Jun 30, 2017
    San Jose, CA
    I think your coop is gorgeous! Not too much ventilation. Your chicks were probably just exploring their new home. I live in San Jose, CA and have a run/coop combo with only three enclosed walls around the roost bar. I put in a pic. My girls like all the airflow on hot days! I will say that you might want to consider hardware cloth on your run if you want it predator proof....

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    Mar 26, 2018
    Once fully feathered, which they should be at their ages, your chicks will be fine. Your coop has great ventilation and in the proper place it should be, at the top of the coop.
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    Feb 6, 2019
    I put my sweeties into their coop for the first time last night, too. They were totally freaked out. They run from the door when I bring food, instead of running to me. They huddle in the corner. They have a worried look! And they're fine.

    I think your chicks were just anxious! Chickens hate change, or so I've been told (and have observed!), and this is an enormous change. I've been giving mine Nutra-Drench for the past week, and am continuing (in their water) just to give them strength for the stress. I am eager to let them out in the run, but it's clear that I should follow all the good advice here and leave them in the coop for several more days before we attempt that. They don't need more change today!

    The coop is fantastic. I'm jealous!
  5. Folly's place

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    Sep 13, 2011
    southern Michigan
    Very nice! I would add reinforcement to your hardware cloth along the top, and have no openings larger than 1/2" diameter anywhere into the coop. What do you have along the roof line? That ridged roofing is an issue along the walls.
    Is there a dig proof barrier along the bottom? Do you have a plan for managing under the coop floor?
    Predator proofing is essential!
    Because your run isn't predator proof, make sure they are locked in every night, and any time there's an issue out there. Game cameras are very interesting too.
    I'd reconsider those roosts near the run walls; move them inside the run instead.
    Big and really nice!
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    May 28, 2019
    Thanks for all the info everyone!! Gosh it’s hard to have them move out of the house! The last few weeks they basically had full run of my giant sunroom :) my chicks adjusted just fine to the coop during the day.. and lovvvved being in the run during the day. You can’t tell in the photos but the hardware cloth is pulled tight over and around the 2x4s and the staples pounded in every 5 inches on all the sides. Then it is sandwiched between outside redwood boards and 3/4 in cdx plywood, with purlins spaced every 2.5 ft vertically. I HATE those staples... and so my fingers! The kennel is heavy guage 1x2 wire panels and there is wire coated 1x1 fencing along the bottom 3 feet. The corrugated roofing is actually snug against the 2x4... with only 1/4 in opening in some spaces. Yeah, the run is not predator proof for nightime for sure. I’ll always have them in the coop well before dark. And the walls and door.. nothing’s getting in. I just couldn’t put hardware cloth down along the perimeter. . I wanted to though. Being a single mom (and only 5 ft 105 lbs) I didn’t pull that off immediately. I have a little time to do it. The floor structure is basically exactly like you’d build for a house. It has 1 inch of CDX plywood as the base and 2 ft joist spacing. The space between the ground and floor is 10 inches, but only in the front do to the slope of the ground. I have big redwood logs blocking it off from immediate easy access. But am planning on wiring that ofc too. I have almost an acre fully fenced, and the run is other birds proofed. I also have 2 big dogs who are super protective of the property and their chicks... so during the day... nothing will be in my yard that’s dangerous! They even keep an eye out on our own cats!
    Thank you a sooo much for putting up with all my ramblings I have no soundboard to bounce off of! Apparently joists, purlins and wiring is not fun conversation for most people... hahaha
  7. Niklepikle

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    May 28, 2019
    I love your coop. I’m from Cupertino :) we don’t get such hot temps up here In northern Humboldt along the coast. I do miss warm evenings’ but not the traffic!! Hahaha
  8. Niklepikle

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    May 28, 2019
    Thank you! I’ll have to get some of the nutri drench!
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  9. Niklepikle

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    May 28, 2019
    Thank you for the advice!!!
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  10. rosemarythyme

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    Jul 3, 2016
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    My Coop
    It's a great amount of ventilation... looks light and airy in there. The chicks were just upset because this is new to them.

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