Worried!!!! Injured/sick hen!!!

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    This began yesterday. Her tail was down. So, we came in and did research on it. Thought she might be egg bound. Put her in a warm bath for 30 minutes. Checked her vent and all looked okay. Discovered her tail looking like the other hens had been pecking at her. Put some rooster booster on it (helped with another hen that was pecked) and she seemed to be okay. She went in the coop with the other girls last night and did good. Was fine today and is eating/drinking okay. But now she is laying in the yard. She seems tired and keeps shaking her head. Called the feed store to talk to someone and they really didn't offer any info on what else I could do for her. I'm pretty sure she layed today. I have 7 hens and 7 eggs.

    Anyone have advice to offer? Her name is Digger. I hate to loose her!!! Thanks so much, in advance!!!
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