Worried: Mother hen with black poop

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    I have an eighteen month old asil hen who ended up sitting on her nest for almost eight weeks before chicks finally hatched last weekend. There were two batches of eggs that were infertile and I tried to break her but she was having none of it, so I got her more eggs and eventually three hatched.

    However, a couple of weeks ago I noticed her broody poop had become very dark. It still looked normal in terms of size and shape but just almost black. I was feeding her wheat and corn bread with olive oil at that point to make sure she didn't lose too much weight so I figured maybe it was due to a lot of oil and that once she got off the nest and started eating chick food it would improve.

    But it has got worse. Since the chicks hatched the poop has got more shiny jet black and runny most of the time. I've heard this can indicate blood from the gut. I have been giving her bio yogurt every day and no extra treats, plus she has been confined to a concrete floor run for the past three days so cant be eating anything like mud.
    She seems ok in terms of moving around and eating but her face is very pale. Comb is normal.

    If it is intestinal bleeding what could be the cause and what can I do to help her? Any suggestions would be very welcome.
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    It could be an infection in her gut. When my broody was incubating eggs this past summer, she developed black, very smelly, runny diarrhea. The smell immediately informed me bacteria was in play so I started her on a round of amoxycillin. It cured the problem.

    I would speculate your hen might benefit from such a treatment.
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    What I do is during my Hens setting eggs...I feed them Chick starter...My Hen then do not lose much weight that way...

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