Worried need advice sick chickens possible Coccidiosis

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by RedSky1, May 7, 2016.

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    Here it goes...got white Cobbs (meat chickens) in begining of March. Never had chickens before. Wasn't raised on farm. Was not aware of what to look for with chickens getting sick.
    I've researched a book called Chicken Health after I started seeing sick chickens this Thursday, I lost 1st one. Lost one last night & another today. Im pretty sure they have Coccidiosis.
    I've read about it on this site as well. It doesn't say how to clean pen or even hen house. Can anyone give advice on cleaning. I'm worried about if I use a bleach on ground for bloody stools. Will it bother chickens? I have eight chickens left. But.....I also have Isa Brown flock next door to Cobbs. Im not seeing any signs of illness in them. Worried I will have to extinguish Cobbs if they keep dieing. I hate seeing them struggling like this yet...I keep hoping for them.
    One of the roosters that was sick this morning was much better looking this evening. One of the other roosters that was fine this morning, was the same one I found dead that same night.

    Can anyone advise?
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    You may also want to put "coccidiosis" in the search box so you can see if your chickens are exhibiting the same systems. It probably will also outline treatment for it. I can cocci can kill fast. If there any chance you could have the vet check one of the sick ones?
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    I gave chickens B12 & Wazine in water yesterday. Wazine is for worming. This morning the last eight chickens were perky and looked good. As soon as I stepped out of house, Roofus one of the rooster greeted me with a hearty cock a doodle doo. I'm praying we are over the worst. They were hungry and very reponsive to me. The Isa Browns still looked good too.
    Who knows maybe it was worms all along? Just wanted to update.
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    I plan to go ahead & treat with diluted bleach. I just didn't know if it would bother their feet.
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    I did read all the symtoms of Coccidiosis. Thats what led me to figure thats what they had. Im just excited they look so much better now. I pray its all behind me.
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