Worried: New Poults falling, advice please?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by SonnyGirl, Mar 31, 2012.

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    Oct 18, 2011
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    I need help asap and will TRY to keep this brief. I've got eggs hatching under my hen earlier than I expected. She was hell-bent on nesting on a shelf four feet high in the corner of the coop. I built a little 6" wall on one side but only wide enough for her to set. I planned to build a platform/pen around her, up in the air, so the poults could at least have (SAFE) space up there until the hatch was over and then get them all down. What should I do? Two have scrambled over the little wall already. Landed in the plush pile of cedar I put down and I found them and put them back. Been checking every 20 min but I need to sleep at some point and I'm worried that falling often could be harmful plus chill and all. She does NOT seem cooperative to let me build anything at this point.. when I came in to pick her poult up that fell, she started pecking at stuff near-by aggressively and although she is a wonderful Mom so far, I felt nervous she'd accidentally hurt the poult. Im new and confused [​IMG]
    Do I bring them inside in a brooder?
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    May 29, 2011
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    If it was me I would. Mine hatched yesterday and they roll around so much that I'm like you I wouldn't want them to hurt themselves by falling.

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