WORRIED--Rooster with weird marks on legs

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    Jan 1, 2010
    I have an 8th month old Brahma rooster who had a red streak down his leg last Sunday--I just thought that he had scraped it on something. The "scrape" looks like a red line running down his leg. It appears to be getting redder (not bloody, just red) and this morning I noticed he is getting this "scrape" on his other leg. He seems fine. Eating, drinking, walking fine, servicing his hens, no other problems. It looks today like maybe he (or the hens) are pulling out his leg feathers. I don't have any other problems with feather pulling. Any suggestions for treatment or what this might be? I have a 2nd rooster in with him (they grew up together) and he does not have this problem. Thanks!
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    Could you post some pics? Judging by your description alone I suspect it's normal; due to hormones. My LF brahma rooster has always had the same thing.
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    WAIT!!WAIT! I know this one...after a couple of weeks of lubing my roo's legs w/ vaseline (thought it was leg mites) Someone on here told me what it was...Your Roo is becoming a "MAN". It's all part of puberty, no worries.[​IMG]

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