Worried to death about chicks due tomorrow!


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May 1, 2015
I'm probably just being paranoid but I'm worried sick about my chicks. This is my first time incubating. I am using a LG still air 9300, the eggs are in crates. Kept temp between 101-102 entire time so far. Kept humidity close to 45% until day 18 now I have it up in the mid to low. 60 range. Bought a hygrometer yesterday and calibrated it. It is not adjustable and is reading around 5% low. I'm not positive if the thermometer on it is accurate but it matches up with a standard oral thermometer I have through one of the small vent holes. Just checked with both a minute ago and temp was up to109. How damaging can this be to my chicks? I believe I've got it straightened out not but I have to imagine that the temp and humidity would fluctuate a good bi if it was a hen sitting on the eggs. I haven't done anything to awful have I? I definitely should've had a secondary temp and humidity meter from the start but I had no idea at the time. Guess I just need reassurance I haven't killed all my chicks! Any help is appreciated!
It really depends on how long the temp was too high. It takes some time for the internal egg to heat up, so if it was very brief it is unlikely that much damage was done. If longer, it may be a problem. You will probably not know until you see how your hatch goes. Hope you have great success.

I incubate around 100 degrees, 102 is a little warm, and use the dry incubation method. A good thermometer can also be very reassuring - Brinsea's Spot-Check is very accurate and well worth it.

you might like these Learning Center articles on hatching and incubating -


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Thanks for the reply and those links! Fingers are crossed! No pips yet but they're not due until tomorrow or Monday so we'll see what happens, waiting sucks!!!!
I know I'm blowing this place up with questions but should I be able to see any kind of egg movement if they're in crates? This is driving me bonkers lol

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