Worried, two welsh harlequin drakes and one khaki campbell female


10 Years
Jun 6, 2009
Hi, hoping for advice! We got 3 little female ducklings 10 weeks ago. Turns out Myrtle and Violet are both drakes. We just wanted ducks as pets and for eggs. We are now worried about what to do. Will the males fight, will it be too much for the little khaki campbell? How long till they reach sexual maturity? Will the males try to fly away? We'd love to keep all 3, but not sure if that will be safe. Can we wait and see? The ducklings were so much work when they were little, we really don't want any more ducklings. We might just have to give away one male? Thanks for any tips.
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See if you can trade 1 of the males for another female. They WILL fight and your girl will be caught in the middle. Sexual maturity can come somewhere between 5 and 7 months.
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2 drakes with 1 female can really hurt her. i would sale or trade for sure! if you wait and see you will still have the same out come. the drakes will fight and she could get over used
I had the same issue. I had 4 that I thought were female and turned out male. I just finished finding homes for the 4 drakes and found 3 hens to replace them and they are already laying. Has worked wonderfully! I would also say you should give up a male and maybe find another 1 or 2 females. Good luck! They adapt pretty quickly BTW!
Thanks for all the advice. We are going to look for a home for at least one of the boys.

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