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    Nov 12, 2007
    I currently have two 1 1/2 yr old Wyandottes that have been together forever, live in a small coop, and are free-range in the back yard. Two days ago I inherited a 6-month old Rhode Island red. On her first night, all three chickens were closed in the coop, but the next morning they were all eager to get out. I noticed some blood on the walls and minor scabs on the RIR's comb. On the second night, she was obviously afraid to enter the coop and instead slept on a tree branch. During the day the Wyandottes and the RIR roam opposite sides of the yard, but if the RIR wanders near the Wyandottes, they'll chase and jump on her.

    Was it wrong to close these three hens in the coop together? Is there something I can do to minimize further problems, and to encourage her to sleep in the coop (since winter is fast approaching, and the nesting box is inside)?

    Thanks so much!
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    It will take a few weeks to settle down but keep her in there for now since you have already put them together. They have to dual it out on their own.

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