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Dec 6, 2009
After reading all these posts I am now worried about my RIR. She is 15 mos old. She hs dropped from laying 5 eggs a week to 2-3 eggs a week. She has laid 2 fart eggs in 2wks. She is not on the roost at night she sleeps on the floor of the coop under the 14 wk old girls tht all get so close together you can't tell if it is 5 chicks or 1 small turkey. She gets underneath them. She doesn't act sick. Her crop is full at night, She still runs in the mornings to meet me and she ran to me tonight for her snack. Why would she sleep with the baby girls. Normally she is the one pecking them and knocking themoff the roost? Could she have lost pecking order?


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Quote:Doesn't sound like you have anything to worry about. She could be going through a molt, or hiding the eggs. Could she be going broody? Also has anything changed in there environment? or scared them? Maybe just adding the chicks was enough.
As far as the sleeping with the chicks??? Chickens can be weird. She may be knocked down the pecking order, or was never up there to begin with.

And AndeaS,

Fart eggs are tiny eggs, sometimes called wind or fairy eggs. More common with younger hens.

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