9 Years
Aug 21, 2010
Scio, OR
My Narangansett hens are NOT even breeding yet and no eggs of course! Its been very rainy and soggy here in western Oregon but I don't remember last year my hens holding off on breeding....they were older hens and the ones we have now are just a year old. The two toms are walking around drumming, displaying but no one has seen the hens squatting or the toms breeding.

Input? Suggestions?

They are free range and roost in the small barn at night, well fed
Don't worry about them, it will happen. One of my narr hens just started laying 3 days ago and I have got 3 eggs from her. She is a last March hatch and I thought she had no interest in her tom she is penned with but I cracked the first egg and it was fertile. Been collecting the others to throw in the bator to see what happens. Usually the first eggs are not as fertile but what do I have to loose throwing them in the bator. I would never offer hatching eggs until a hen and tom combo is proven good fertility. I live in Texas so I guess we would have better weather than y'all so give her a few more weeks.
what about when the tom wants nothing to do with the hen? shes been squatting for 2 weeks and he couldnt care less
They don't mount them all day long. Even if he is only hitting that every 3 or 4 days, it will be fine. They are breeding i'm sure.

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