Worrisome bumps by my turkey's eye


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May 25, 2010
Loxahatchee, FL

New to this forum and to poultry raising in general. I am very worried about my girl (at least I think she's a girl). She is around 12 weeks, give or take a week or 2. She is free-range during the day in my yard, and stays at night in a clean, dry, very well-ventilated coop with her brother and 5 chickens of the same age. She is eating and acting normally, as are all the others. These 3 bumps are the only ones I've noticed, and her brother of the same age does not have them. I have looked at pictures of avian pox but it doesn't look the same to me. Please advise.

Thank you in advance.

Stacy (and Anita and Edward the turkeys)

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