Worthless Cat


10 Years
Apr 17, 2009
Michigan - in the thumb
Now that I have chickens I look at our worthless indoor declawed cat as a negative resource. It kills nothing and only cuddles with you if have a blanket on. It is only 9 years old so no chance on it dying anytime soon.

If only i could find someway to get her to "disappear" and still keep my warm bed.

Anyone have any good disappearing tricks?
I love cats, but I can't eat a whole one.

That's the beauty of the crockpot. Set it to low or warm, we're talking DAYS of meals.
Cats lower your blood pressure and keep your stress level lower. I don't know what I'll do when my 2 soft furry indoor divas go to heaven (they're 13). They both sleep around my head on my pillow purring me to sleep. My hubby says they sleep on me sometimes during the night too. So cozy and warm

And if I even hear of a Crockpot being used....
Now just because not even a cat will cuddle with you does not mean thier appitizers....

Mine spends his time guarding the lawn from neighbors annoying purse dogs.

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