Would a female black sex link look the same as an australorp as a chick?

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    Aug 27, 2016
    We have an australorp rooster and both Plymouth barred and australorp hens. We want to raise chicks. I know what pure australorp chicks look like (black with white heads and bellies) and I know the the cross breeds will be black sex links with the cockerels looking like Plymouth barred chicks (all black with white spot on their heads) What will will the females look like? All black, black with white bellies, or just like the australorp chicks? Just wondering if we will be able to tell the pure breds from the cross breads in case we want to sell some.
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    Never made Black sex-link that way, but normal black sex-link pullets are black with their under side lighter---leaning towards white on some.
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    I think you'll have a very hard time telling the pullets from the different mothers apart. With the rooster being black, you're not going to get the red leakage the classic black sex links have, just solid black birds.

    Not so sure about the chick color, that may be a way to tell. Let us know when you hatch?

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