Would a gander ever attack one of his girls?

Discussion in 'Geese' started by dianneS, Mar 17, 2017.

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    I'm still trying to determine the sexes of my 7 Toulouse geese. I have either 2 or 3 ganders and the rest geese, but still not sure?

    I was pretty convinced that I had two ganders, not three, but last week I was in the pasture feeding the goats and the dominant gander was of course guarding and chasing me away from his girl's nesting area. I was leaving the pasture with the gander and his geese on my heels when all of a sudden this gander turns on one of the geese (that I was sure was a female) and just starts attacking her!

    I figured that I must have been mistaken and this bird must be a male rather than a female. The poor thing did try to fight back and the wing thwacking was pretty intense. When the bird that I thought was a girl gave up, he/she was missing a huge chunk of head feathers. (This was a full on fight, not aggressive mating, they were beating each other with their wings)

    The bird that got beat up still does not display any characteristics of a male? Never hisses, never screams, isn't loud or aggressive at all, never seen breeding any females, and is slightly smaller than the confirmed gander, so I'm confused? Did that gander beat up a female, or is this just a very submissive male? The bird that took the beating is peacefully hanging out with the gander and the rest of the girls now, no problems at all. (The "third" gander has been exiled from the flock and is living in an adjacent pasture now).

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