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    Aug 14, 2008
    Canton, N.C.
    I lost my first 4 sex linked to faulty tractor design and likely a raccoon. Raising my numbers to 9, a new coop and run, all was well. With a floored coop, lights, and being next to the house, all seemed well. So as long as we were out adding features to the coop I let the girls free-range . They really seem afraid of tools. --At one of my 'check what the little girls were doing' I counted 5 under the thorn bushes, and assumed the 6th was in the bushes someplace. As you may guess 5 of 6 of the little girls made it home and there has not been a trace of Dottie. The 3 bigger girls were in another part of the yard and are fine. ---I wonder if my problem could be solved by a Roo? I have avoided a Rooster to keep quiet on my yard, and out of consideration of the neighbors in this semi-rural area. The idea of a rooster proctecting the flock, and maybe keeping them grouped seems attractive. So would a big old roo help?
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    im 1 of the BIGGEST roo advocates [​IMG]
    my roo's take so much off my brain, i dont EVER worry bout the girls till i hear 1 of my roo's hollerin,, they take the girls in at night, and take them out every morning,, they make nests for the girls, their GREAT baby sitters, and most will protect the flock with their lives!
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    Many roosters are good at keeping the girls together and warning them of any threats. However, having a rooster is no guarantee that a hawk wont swoop in and pick off a straggler while the rest of the girls hide under the bushes.
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    Nov 9, 2007
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    Like the1much, I love my roosters and wouldn't let my girls free-range without them.
    My roosters keep the girls rounded up, warn at any sign of danger and stand between the girls and danger. Okay, so the only danger they've faced so far is our border collie and he's too stupid to be a real danger, but you get my point.
    My roosters even take turns standing at the coop door in the evening. The roo doesn't go inside until all the girls have.
    I don't even notice their crows anymore. I do notice their warning noises and find them a good guage of when I need to go check on things outside. I only have one neighbor that can hear them and then just barely. She says it reminds her of the good ol' days.
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    Oct 13, 2007
    Quote:Even a little one works! [​IMG] Size does not matter.
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    Apr 30, 2008
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    yesterday I heard my Roo's making a ruckus, looked out the window and the neighbors cat was stalking the banties. All the roo's and 5 of the big girls chased the cat out of the yard.I rehomed 3 today but I still have 4 left
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    I have watched our rooster attack a strange dog, and react to the swoop of a hawk by not only shrieking, but chasing after the predator and challenging it! He wouldnt let it out of his sights! I havent lost a bird to the hawks since he came to stay with us, and I have come to find his crowing charming, and a comfort. I often dont even notice it anymore! I do hear him when he is alarmed tho, and have learned to go check it out! Makes all the difference!

    As to night time predators, a cheap baby monitor has solved our late night worries, we keep the volume turned down low, but can hear if something upsets them during the night. Works like a charm!

    When you choose a rooster, try to choose from a gentle breed, we got lucky with Chester, he is friendly to one and all, and protects all the ladies from the tiny Japanese up to the huge Cochins that dwarf him!

    Good Luck!!
  8. the1much

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    if my roo crows at night,, i run out with the gun !! he will ONLY crow at night if he hears something REALLY close,, he helped me "grab the attention" of a chicken thief once,, and a dog the other time [​IMG]
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    Aug 14, 2008
    Canton, N.C.
    Thanks folks, I guess a Roo is in order. There still seems to be surplus Roo's at the chicken store every so often, so a young adult is in our future.
  10. the1much

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