Would a speckled sussex roo X white leghorn = sexlink?

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    I've never really paid much attention to sex-links, and i want to hatch out some of my own (so that i can cull the roos at a younger age)


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    Quote:Not likely, unless you had a strain of White Leghorns that had the right genes to make sexlinks, which would be Silver Duckwing or Columbian under the White, though most are Silver based Extended black or Birchin so they dont make sexable chicks, just White with black dots with a little red leakage as adults. So no, you shouldnt expect Sexlinks from White Leghorns.

    RIWs, Delawares, or anything begining with Light, Columbian, or Silver in the name would all be Silver gened hens that you could use with your SS roo and make Sexlinks. If you look on the first page of the Sexlink thread you will see the ones i made with my SS roo and hatchery RIW hens. https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=375015
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