Would appreciate critiques of our silkies **PICS**

Three Cedars Silkies

11 Years
Apr 17, 2008
Gainesville, Fl.
I hatched these for my daughters grandmother. Since these are our first silkies I have limited knowledge about evaluating them for quality. Now I can tell you a bunch about bantam cochins....but silkies???

Please don't hesitate to tell it like it is but if you do see some good qualities, I would appreciate your pointing that out as well.

Edited to add: These babies are 5 months old


Splash Cockerel


Splash Pullet


White cockerel


White pullet
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I dont know alot about silkies -all though I have a bunch right now-less than a month old-but yours sure are purdy! specially the white pullet!!!!
I am the worst judge ever. I know what looks good but I have a problem identifying each trait individually. I really like the Splash Roo he looks very typey, nice cushion and crest. His wing is possibly a bit ragged and carried a bit low. I like the mixture of darks and lights but I am not sure if the dark should be a bit more wide spread in smaller doses or not. I really like the way he looks. The Splash Pullet is a very pretty thing, most breeding for show would want to see a larger crest. I personally like them just the way her's is. The standard calls for a medium crest and that is how I see your girl.

The whites are both nice, good cushion and wing carriage. It is a bit hard to judge a white bird without seeing them in person but again, I like what I see. They appear a bit young and will most likely fill in and be beautiful birds. I am not sure about the back, it may be a bit long but again, I am never sure about how all the standards actually work out in real live birds. I would say you have above average Silkies, Congrats.
I am not much help because I don't know the Silkie standard very well, but I love the Splash Pullet. She would be exactly what I would want personally.
Thanks so much. Yep, I thought their combs were a bit too bright as well. Does it change or pretty much stay the same color?

I noticed that there are still pin feathers in most of their crests. How long before they will completely fill out?

Also, the pen is full of feathers all the time. Do they molt perpetually?

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