Would heat stroke be the problem or infection? Hen is pale & lathargic

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    Ok. Cliff note version is this:

    One of my hens was very pale - very all of a sudden - two days ago. I brought her in, gave her some "gator water" mix and let that be it for the night.
    She perked up a tad and got a tiny bit of her color, so I gave her another day and night in the AC cooled house and gave her A, D, & E in her water.
    She perked up a bit more, got a bit more color (still not 100%) and even let her out in a side yard to forage for about a hour later in the day. At first her tail was up, she was active, she was pecking and scratching... within 30 minutes, she was back to tail down and just standing there.

    Obviously, the heat has something to do with it, but my question is this - just heat stroke or maybe a possible infection?

    No sneezing, normal poo, she does feel hot to the touch.

    She also has a area on her wing that looks like it has a wound. She won't let me near it. Every time I try she attacks me... and normally she is calm. I think she has a wound there. Probrably from the rooster... he had someone or something's blood on his spur last week. So my next question is this... if I should treat for infection, any advice on the best meds. I don't want to do anti-biotics unless it's the last or only resort. Like I mentioned, she doesn't want to be touched there. So....... [​IMG]
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