Would like to borrow an incubator from someone near Akron, OH for kindergarten class.

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    Oct 11, 2012
    Akron, Ohio
    Hi all! I was advised to post this in this forum as well. So this is a double post.

    We are getting our first chickens early Spring and have decided we want to hatch them ourselves so our son's kindergarten class can participate in watching it happen. We planned to borrow a coworker's incubator from his parents but he apparently had a falling out with them and now cannot get the incubator for us. :( I am hoping there is someone within an hour of Akron, Ohio that would allow us to borrow their incubator for our son's class. I would be more than willing to put a deposit down so you know you're getting it back or sign a contract. We don't want to buy our own since we only plan to keep 3-5 chickens for our personal supply.
    If you have any other ideas, I am open to that as well!

    Thanks in advance,


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