Would like to know more about raising goats! Post pics of your pens to

M To The Maxx

10 Years
Jul 24, 2009
I am thinking about keeping goats and would like to know more about them. So any info would be appreciated. Also please post pics of your goat pics and approximatly how much money it costed to make it.
I just bought 2 Nigerian Dwarf doelings in December. They were born November 1st. Right now they are in my Brooder house which is 4 x 8 with a big chicken pop door. House is great. Fencing is another matter entirely. The house has a 6 x 10 dog kennel attached. I installed some old fencing around the coop and run for a quick pasture before the ground froze in December. Two days and they figured out how to walk right through the fence! So then I doubled up the fencing to cover the bigger holes. 3 days and then today I saw them jump right over it. The fence is 5 ft high and they hopped over like it was jumping over a tin can. Any info you get I need. For now, they will have to be in the dog kennel. We have 3 ft of snow and there is no way I can dig out until spring.

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