Would love to see Pics of adult Phoenix cross Roos

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    I've been working on some designer chickens and I am wondering if the Phoenix cross roos keep their long tails???
  2. Depends what you cross them with. My favorite cross was a Sumatra hen with a Golden Phoenix roo. Sumatra roos get the long tails like phoenixes, so he had a gorgeous long tail. He was the shiny black, with a little streak of gold in his tail. I can try to find a pic of him........

    I have also had my Phoenix roo crossed with a Silver Spangled Hamburg. The roo that came from that has a tail more like a Hamburg, but it stands up more. His body almost has the "U" shape of Langshans, if that makes any sense.....I can get some pictures of him later today. I have had two roos like that, but the older one was a little more "buff", with a wider breast, other than that they basically looked the same.

    My Barred Rock/Phoenix does not have a long tail either, it is more like a Barred Rock.

    If you cross them with something that also has a long tail (Sumatra, Yokohama, etc.) you could get a long tail.....Another thing to consider is I never used a Phoenix hen, which might make a difference because don't the mamas pass traits to their sons, and roos pass down traits to their daughters? I have basically 0 knowledge of chicken genetics, so please do tell me if I'm wrong.

    Is the long tailed trait recessive?
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    The trait is dominant in the 2nd generation, meaning if you cross the Phoenix with a non-long tail, 90% of the babies from that cross will have short tails. The babies from those babies will have long tails in the males and some in the females.

    The best cross i ever had was with a Brown leghorn hen and a Blue Phoenix roo. Only one baby from that batch had a long tail.
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    I have some Silver Duckwing Phoenix x blue Ameraucana cross males. They are kinda cute.


    This little guy ended up with a really long tail (he was young in the pic and hadn't really grown his tail yet)...longer than my silver phoenix's ever was lol
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    wow! those roo's are all so neat!
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    X2 they are very pretty!

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