Would satellite TV be too much? UPDATED with kid's reaction

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    My DH told me to ask that question in here. LOL. Here is the scoop.

    DD, age 12, has been being a real butthead. She also brought home a bad progress report from Language Arts...you know the type of report of which I speak...the one that says "she is very bright, participates well now if only she would do/turn in her homework".

    Well that little D- progress report and her PMS attitude the past three days got her in major crapola with me. She lost the ability to go anywhere except school until the next progress report comes home and then she got a bit flippy and she lost all of the electronics from her room. TV, Satellite, CD player, Game system, stereo, radio, IPod, etc etc. They are all sitting on one of the couches as I type. Now to the question DH posed.

    Since I want a radio in the Keep of Eggtopia for the Girls and their little roo, he asked if I was planning on giving them Cheyenne's TV and Satellite privileges since they enjoy watching TV....especially the Animal Planet and TVLand. [​IMG]

    Well I was about to say "of course not" when the mouthy one spoke up with the "No Way Mom...those chickens are not getting my TV and watching satellite. You cannot do that.". Well now you see we have a problem Houston, several in fact:

    1. she who is grounded and knee deep in hockey should keep trap shut;

    2. she who needs to keep trap shut should not be foolish enough to state what can and cannot be done in the home SHE does NOT pay for; and

    3. No kid of mine is going to tell me what I will or will not do...not now, not ever

    so....guess where her TV is at this moment? uh huh in the Keep. I took it out there and hooked it up about 10 pm. At midnight the girls were enjoying a few old re runs of MASH and the Beverly Hillbillies. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now the questions posed are...

    How long will the girls get her TV and satellite?

    Will she learn to ZIP it in time to spare herself such misery?

    Will she remember to get her homework completed and in the teacher's hand?

    Do you think TV for the coop is a bit much? [​IMG]

    I will have the TV out of there before she gets home from school but I want her to know it is out there when she wakes up. I just want to remind her that I do as I wish and see fit...not what she says I will or won't. I hate it when they get cocky and challenge...as her brother is 12 years older, she should have already known better than to try it.

    Sorry just had to vent...KIDS! cannot live with them and cannot lease them out until college aged. [​IMG]
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    Aug 12, 2008
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    yep..........got the 12 year old now and agree!!! [​IMG] Have also had 4 before this one..........all need to remember that we are the PARENTS!

    Way to go!! and have to mention I love the thought of the chooks watching Beverly Hillbillies [​IMG]
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    May 3, 2007
    Hey if you got any electronics to spare, I'm sure my girls (hens) wouldn't mind. They love CSI.
  4. Cetawin

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    Mar 20, 2008
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    Wow...mine love CSI also but they prefer NY and Miami....Grissom scares them. [​IMG]
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    Oh my! I haven't laughed that hard in a while. [​IMG] Thank you for sharing.

    I have 3 in that age range right now...well one 15, one 12, and one 11 year old. I am hoping the youngest two (both 9) will learn from this. Heck I know they listen better.

    Way to funny. I'm imagining chickens all gathered around the glowing box. And truth be known I only get 5 channels where I live....I am jealous of those chickens!
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  6. Cetawin

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    Quote:Hey my girls are all friendly....they will share roost space with you if you want to come visit and watching some 200+ channels. [​IMG] It is warmer in the coop than the house tonight...they got their heat lamp on and it is about 67F in there.

    I did not give them the remote though...that would be asking for problems. There would be a fight over the remote for sure because there is one man (roo) in that coop. [​IMG]
  7. kstaven

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    You did what I would have done. [​IMG]
  8. illinichick

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    As a teacher, you are "right on track!!" I wish more parents were like you! As a suggestion, contact the teacher and request grades be sent every week or every other week so you can keep track, let DD know this also and to expect it. this way, everyone is on the same page. give DD two weeks to raise her grade then negotiate getting privilages returned. good luck
  9. TT

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    Apr 11, 2008

    I have a 12 year old son right now who has lost his games, tv watching, his favorite toys - pretty much anything fun for the same reason. He is super smart - he seems to repeat this pattern at least once a school year. Report cards come home tomorrow so we'll see [​IMG]
  10. Cetawin

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    kautz62...thanks, I try to make education their top priority. I never ask them to be straight A students but only to do the best that they can do and really put forth the effort in learning. I did ask the teacher via note, to notify me weekly of her progress.

    My kids asked how I did in school and I would say "I did well" and leave it at that. My parents & sister on the other hand were quick to tell them both that their mother was a Straight A student and rarely brought a book home. I did not want them to think I expected the same from them.

    The update:

    At 7 am she comes out of her bedroom for breakfast and I asked her to go to the coop and gather any eggs in there for me. She grumbled (not a morning person) and headed outside. I heard her when she realized the girls were watching TV...everyone within a 5 mile radius her when she said.... "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOM HOW COULD YOU!"

    She came stomping back (I heard her coming across the yard like a 2 ton elephant) and began to bark her outrage and finally got around to asking why it was in there. I gave her the following reasons:

    1. Never tell me what I will/can and will not/cannot do;

    2. You have no use for it because you are grounded from it;

    3. As I pay the bills including the satellite and electric bill, I see no reason to pay for a service I get no use from; and

    4. They enjoyed it and happy chickens mean eggs...the ones you eat every day


    The look on her face was priceless...a true memorex moment. She could not argue with one single point. She tried to think of something as you could see the wheels turning and smell the smoke. hahaha

    So, now the girls have their radio and her TV is in the garage along with her other electronics until such time as she gets her grade up or shows marked improvement of getting her work done.

    So...now we see if she gets it yet or if I must continue these tactics. I did tell her if she continues along her current path, she will find herself in a room with a mattress, a box for her clothes, lamp and nothing else because I would take everything else out of there too.

    She is a stubborn one so this could be a year long thing if she does not straighten it up.
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