Would someone please post a Golden laced wyandotte picture please!

Not a great pic but here are two of ours.
Thank you! Very much! So yes, I have 2 hens of that breed. And i am not sure but i think one of them went broody. Are they known to be broody?
Don't really know a whole bunch about these. They are new to us. These two are supposed to be the same age but one has been laying about 3-4 eggs a week for the last 2 months and the other still has not laid. We are looking for a young rooster for them for breeding purposes for this next spring, They are in with a Buff Brahma Bantam roo right now. The one that lays has not shown any signs of wanting to go broody.

Here is my Golden Laced Wyandotte Bantam, Abby

Have had her and her Blue Laced sister for 3 weeks now. They are the most affectionate of my flock of 7. Abby is the first to try new food and was the first to eat from my hand and sit on my knee!

I have read that Wyandottes do go broody easily and that they are not the BEST egg laying breed

Have fun with yours!!!

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