Would this coop be okay for just 3 chickens?

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    Jul 15, 2013
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    So I'm on a tight budget and can only spend about $150. This coop looks very nice, and I'm just going to get three chickens (One of them MIGHT be a rooster, so possibly just 2 since we will have to give away any roosters). The ones I have/am going to get are barred rock mixes and an easter egger. The barred rocks are still growing, about five weeks, and the easter egger will be a pullet when I purchase her. Would it work? http://www.amazon.com/Deluxe-Backya...&qid=1377878532&sr=8-26&keywords=chicken+coop
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    Aug 30, 2013
    I went to Amazon and looked at the coop. First it doesn't give you the full dimensions so you don't know how wide it is or how tall. Second if you read the reviews you will find out that it received very poor reviews.

    If you are only going to have 3 chickens just use a dog kennel, line it with straw or hay and put a fence of chicken wire around it and over the top. Where do you live? will they stay warm in the winter or will you have to heat it? You need to think about these things. Good luck, I am sure you can figure something out. Maybe someone makes small insulated dog houses in your area :)
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    According to the dimensions given advertisement there is only going to be about 10 square feet in the coop. Given that the standard recommendation for space for chickens is 4 square feet per bird, there is enough room for 2 and one-half chickens.

    Considering the poor reviews, I would think about doing something else.

    It's simple matter to round up some old pallets. You can make a usable coop from old pallets.

    You might check around and see if you can find a friend willing to build you a coop.

    Granted that $150 is a pretty minimal budget for coop, you could probably pull it off if you were resourceful.

    You want to wind up with a coop that is safe and durable for the chickens.

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    You can build a pretty nice coop for $150.00!

    I have fairly basic building skills but we build our coop out of recycled cedar fence boards, windows and shipping crates. It did take some time to collect the supplies but we spent $210 for a really nice looking tin roofed 7x5 coop with a 7x12 covered run. Most of the cost was for hardware cloth, hinges and screws.
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    I had a strong, Lucky Dog kennel, previously used to give my kittens a safe place to play outside until they were big enough to have some common sense. The coop was found on craigslist and was around $100. We fastened chicken wire across the bottom to keep the kittens from getting out. When we converted it to a run for the chickens, we turned it upside down so that we already had chicken wire across the bottom for the chickens. We fastened hardware cloth around and on top of the run and have not had any issues yet.

    I will be getting extension panels as my flock grows. This is the nice thing about the design of the dog kennel panels... you can always find more panels as needed.
    This is the kennel I have; walmart has the lowest price I have found.

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