Would this metal shed work as a coop


Jun 4, 2020
I am curious if this would make a good coop? It has sliding doors. I have a small wooden coop now but want to add an extension. I was thinking I could connect this to the other coop and they could go back and forth. If you think it will work, what modifications would you make to it?


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Aug 3, 2013
Pineville, Louisiana
Yes it would. I have a 10x10 that looks just like that one. Metal sheds get hot enough to cook a chicken when the sun beats down on them so it will need some modifications.
  • I painted the top with white rustoleum spray paint to reflect the sun
  • I Installed foam board insulation around the sides and on the ceiling then covered the foam board with wood panels on the areas that the chickens could reach (chickens eat foam board)
  • I removed a panel on the back for more ventilation
  • I installed two 10’x20’ runs, one on the front and one on the back with a 10’x20’ shade cloth on each.


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