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    My hubby & I are thinking of upgrading our chicken stock. We'd like to offer chickens for sale to local buyers year 'round. My thoughts are I want to choose my own birds, and transport them myself. No waiting for the bird in the box on the truck.(postal services)

    My friend tells me there is no money in selling chickens. $5.00- $6.00 per bird sounds good to me, especially during the winter!
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    Quote:I wouldn't buy chickens in the winter - they usually don't lay as well then and I wouldn't want the extra mouths to feed at a time when free ranging is not going to supplement their diet. I also don't buy chicks in the winter as I'd have to brood them much longer inside.

    you might be able to do meat birds during the winter??
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    Right, the meat birds was an idea. Big competition from the supermarkets, huh? NO. people would have to do their own culling for eating. I'm not getting involved with that type of chicken business.
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    People buy dressed chickens all year round.

    Baby chicks, in the winter, it would depend upon what your weather is locally.

    I know several people who buy pullets at the beginning of winter so they have point-of-lay hens to sell in early spring when nobody else has them.

    $5-$6 for a grown chicken is a huge money loser, unless you are speaking of getting $5-$6 for a day old chick. You might have problems getting that unless your chicks are show quality.

    I'd buy a day old duckling any time of the year and pay about $10 for it if you have lots of nice wins with your stock at APA shows and the ducklings is showing perfect markings. I'd prefer that to be sexed, thank you.

    I've read your post a couple of times and don't have a clue what it is that you are planning on doing. You might want to clarify. Maybe you'd get some better answers.

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