Would you eat this?


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Sep 24, 2009
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Would you butcher a turkey that looked like this?
If you are concerned about something with the turkey, give us more info such as age, feed and what is exactly wrong with it. Other wise no one can be of much help.

from KS
Like a week ago I noticed her neck was swelling, she had red lession on her neck, the front of her neck was a grayish green, her eyes were cloudy ( not wit it ) and she was off balance. Seperated her from the others. Started her on Durmycian 10, oxi- something. The lessions scabbed up, they were ozing. The feathers on the back of her neck ( were her neck and feathers meet) were falling out.
She seems to be getting better. she is not offbalance, she started looking clearer ( eyes ). She is eating good and drinking. Poo looks good. That black of the neck is one big crusty scab. The white actullay looks like some kind of fungus.




IF you were going to eat, I agree that the meds need to out of the system and the turkey completely recovered. I just don't think it's worth it. Why take the chance if you're not sure?

The only advice I can give you is to keep hanging in there until someone that knows chimes in. I could tell you that I wouldn't eat it or what I think but none of that is a true answer to weather it is safe or not.

Just hang in there until someone that might know replies.

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