Would you say Welsummers make good pets or not?

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    Jun 15, 2012
    Would you say Welsummers make good pets or not? I've been curious about this breed because I LOVE docile chickens and online it says there not docile (in the breed section on this site and my pet chicken) but in books it says there docile (Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens and the Joy of Keeping Chickens). Which do you think it is by personal or other experiences. Please I want replies! Thanks!!!!
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    We had two Wellies and they were very nice to my kids for the longest time. When they got to be around a year or more old, they got a bit pecky with my kids. Very insistent that they give. them. mealworms. now.


    Then they would go up and peck my kids' hands, to demand mealworms.

    But they were friendly about it, just pecky. So we got rid of them.
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    Welsummers are friendly, but not lap chicken type pets. Mine will come up to me, get under foot when getting treats. but they don't like being picked up. If you can deal with that, they are a great breed.
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    I have one welsummer hen and "HAD" 3 welsummer boys that I hatched in the incubator last spring. My girl is the friendliest of all 40 of my hens (all various breeds) she jumps in my lap often and she always jumps up on the edge of the scratch barrel the minute I take off the lid because it's our routine that she gets the first few bites:):) YES she's spoiled!! I gave one of the boys to a friend when he was a week old. She tells me that the he attacked everyone and every pet she has when he was a started into adulthood, but after a weeks of her and her husbands efforts to put him in his place it stopped. He's now her favorite chicken and she tells me they carry him round all the time. I gave the last 2 roosters to a lady that breeds welsummers specifically in a neighboring town....because I was afraid of them. My birds free range and every time I turned to walk away from them those boys they would charge after me. I imagine I could have worked with them but fear got the best of me and the lady REALLY wanted them as studs. Hope my opinion helps:)

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