Would you set these today or tomorrow?


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Mar 1, 2007
Here's the deal. I'm staring at 38 beautiful little Polish bantam eggs that I received in the mail today. They came from quite a ways away and took 3 days to get here--they were shipped on Monday. I just ordered another incubator and am waiting on it to get here--I thought that it might get here today, but it was a no-show. I'm thinking it will get here tomorrow. I really wanted to put these eggs in my new incubator.

I have my old incubator fired up. It's up to temperature and ready to go. Would you set these eggs tonight or wait until tomorrow in hopes that the new (and better) incubator arrives? Or would you set them in the old incubator and just switch them over to the new one once it's ready to go?

I really don't want to make these eggs wait, they're only getting older. But I also didn't want to put them in the old 'bator.
I think I just answered my own question, but maybe I just needed to bounce the ideas off of the BYC crowd, so I'll post anyway--opinions, please?


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Nov 13, 2007
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I would let them set for some time and see if the new bator comes in and if it doesn't then you could set them tomorrow or i try to set mine on Sunday so they hatch on Saturday when i am home

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Unless there is a problem with the old incubator, I'd go ahead and set them --- as you said, they aren't getting younger / more hatchable.

When the new 'bator arrives, you can set it up, get everything stable and THEN move the started Polish eggs in.
Wow, 38 Polish eggs! You are going to have some cuties

I'd just have to go ahead and set them.



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Dec 21, 2007
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Some people that ship told my brother to wait at least one day to let the eggs adjust. Just prop them up at a 45 degree long way. Then set tomorrow. I would start them with the old bator. until I was positive that the new one is holding the right temp and hum. With that many eggs why take the chance it want hurt they to be in the old one for a few day.


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I only let shipped eggs sit long enough that they are to room temp, basically, so there is no condensation when they go in the warm bator, usually a few hours. Some say 24 hrs, but I rarely let them sit even 8. Good luck with your hatch!
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I have set eggs anywhere from the time I receive them and some I would set for less than 24 hours. I get about equal hatchings either way. I saw no difference in them except let the eggs gradually go to room temps before popping them in the incubator. Its a less of a shock for them and no condensation on the eggs.

Good luck!


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Mar 1, 2007
Well...I did wait. I also have more eggs on the way that should get here today, so I thought I'd try to sync them up and start them at the same time. I got the new incubator today, but I'm not sure about the temp (I started another thread about it). Looks like I'm going to set them in my old incubator for now. I don't think that there's anything wrong with it, per se, other than it's just not the greatest incubator!

Yep. 38 Polish bantam eggs. That's not counting the eggs of my own I'm going to try to stuff in there from my own pens...And some Marans and bantam Cochin eggs that should get to me in the mail today. I'm testing the limit of my little styrofoam 'bator!! I don't have a turner, so I should get about 50 eggs in there. Of course after a week or so I should be able to candle and wittle that number down a bit, maybe a lot seeing as the bantam Polish were shipped and the post office didn't treat them too kindly.



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Mar 2, 2008
Set them today.

When your new incubator arrives, have it running at least 24 hours, and preferably longer, then transfer them.

If your current incubator is stable, there is no reason to delay setting, and much danger in feeling pressured by waiting. The eggs don't care which incubator they are in, and won't mind being moved.

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