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    My back has been barking ever since I stupidly carried a big set of nesting boxes into the coop a couple weeks ago myself. I’ve kept saying I’d wait before going to the doctor to see if it got better. Well, I guess two weeks is enough. It hurts, I won’t lie. I’m not a whiner either.

    I called this morning to see if I could get into see the same physical therapist my father did when he had major back issues. First words out of the receptionists mouth “do you have insurance?” I do, I work in the special ed dept of our local BOCES, but that's not the point. However I was so tempted to say no. I almost bet they wouldn't have been able to see me. Do any doctors actually care about the medicine end of it anymore? I really don’t think they do. They’re so focused on getting paid, they don’t even seem to care your in pain, sick, or whatever.
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    * When my SIL was hit by a car while out on her daily walk with friends, the e.r. doc who treated her billed her well less than 3OO bucks. While she was in a hospital room upstairs, another doc with nothing to do with her case, walked in her room, asked how she was feeling, looked at her chart, walked out and billed her 1OK for a "consult".
  3. Oh, and don't EVEN get me started about my recent experience with a chirpractor's office...I know chiropractic works but if they'd stop acting like they're all about collecting IN ADVANCE for many many treatments, I might actually go through with it.

    Grr. [​IMG]
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    Yes, they must make a living to keep the office open. Of course they are focused on getting paid, especially when considering taking new patients. If they have a low collection rate for services provided, they will go out of business. Simple economics.

    Even if the docs wanted to work for free, those buildings, equipment, insurance, nurses, office personnel, insurance ladies, receptionists, etc take a lot of $$.

    EVERYONE must understand that medicine is a business first, a caring one (hopefully), but a business. Someone must pay for all those things.

    So, to ask what insurance upfront when calling to make an appt is not a uncaring question - it's just good buisiness.

    Also, some office take only certain insurance plans, so they may have been trying to screen you based on that, and then recommend a different practice for you if they didn't take your insurance. A lot of people would be rather peeved to get to the appt, and only THEN to discover the pratice didn't accept their insurance and they would have to pay out of pocket.

    And anyone who believes that medical decisions are always made in the best interest of the patient without regard to cost, liability insurance or the threat of malpractice, or 'selling' services to help improve income for the pratice is naive.

    My hubby used to work in a medical office (he's a mid-level practicioner) and they got regular 'encouragement' from the practice management to order tests, procedures and therapies that they could provide in-house so they could see income from them. It's not like they would fraudently order these therapies for patients, just that they were much more willing to say 'lets try THIS' if it was something they could bill directly for.

    He got laid off from one job because all he could do was see patients in an office visit - he was not licensed to do certain procedures and surgeries that produced a lot of income for the practice. He was told they didn't make enough money on just office visits alone to justify his salary, so he got laid off. (even though HIS salary was approx 1/6th of what the MDs at this pratice made - but THEY could do the $2000 a shot procedures, etc so they had the potential to bring in a lot more income than just seeing patients.

    Same thing happened to a group of CNM (Certified Nurse Midwiives) here locally. Their supervisory OBs said they weren't profitable enough because they saw only low-risk healthy women having babies. Just treating those cases did not bring in enough income to pay for their salaries and the office building, etc. They were unable to order extra ultrasounds and tests since their patients were basically healthy women, so didn't make enough money to keep their practice afloat.

    It's a sad commentary, but a true one....
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    I would agree with that. Not only do they want their money, but it seems like you have to tell them what is ailing you vs. telling them your symptoms and then them telling you what you've got. Being a physician use to be a "calling" not anymore.
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    Unfortunately it has gotten to where they have to be rather radical, because the insurance folks are controlling their payments so tight that the profit margin is poor. Actually some would rather you not have insurance because they can charge you more! And many times it is the office folks trying to protect their docs that get carried away. We all know that the average patient age is increasing as people live longer. Medicare not only does not make cost of living raises to keep up with inflation, they are annually decreasing their payments to doctors. So you have an increasing percentage of patients paying less and less, and another percentage who can't or won't pay, so guess where that leaves the rest of us!
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    Well I don't really care who pays what. I'd just like to see acknowledgment that patients are the soul reason these people stay in business. A little respect and even a hint that they care in the least would go a long ways with me. The last few years it’s felt like you were more of a annoyance than the reason they were there to begin with.

    "Oh you want an appointment do you?" [​IMG]
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    I would be willing to pay cash out of hand if a 10:00 am appointment meant I was seeing the Dr. no later than 10:10. If I have to wait an hour after my appointment time, I shouldn't have to pay as much.
  9. Arlee, I don't mind paying for services I have received. I MIGHT even have been willing to pay upfront for services I had not yet received IF that had been discussed with me in advance. This particular office treated me like the only reason I was there was to write them a big fat check...The explanation I was given for them expecting payment for 4 visits was that it was easier for me to write one check than to write 4 checks. Uh, two words: CASH FLOW. Also, I'm REALLY good at writing checks so writing 4 is not a problem for me. :)

    Further, there was absolutely no explanation of what I was supposed to do, no treatment plan discussed with me, and when the first doc came in to do my adjustment, he had absolutely NO IDEA why I was there.

    At my job, I am also focused on getting paid...but if my boss thought that was my #1 priority, I wouldn't last long in that job.

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    If I had to go thru school as long as they did, and take someones life in my hands and not be allowed to make any mistakes then I would surely want paid for it too!!!!!!
    The Docs have a cap on what they are allowed to make per procedure, Insurance only pays a certain amount per also. Doctors sometimes takes a loss with medicaid and medicare patients!! why arent the Lawers forced to make a cap? And all the lawers on TV. that say "sue sue sue your Doctor" should have a hard time finding one that will see them!!

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