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    A dog attacked our little buff bantam Cochin, and she has 3 huge gashes under her right wing. There are a few scratches under the left wing, but nothing major. We used Hydrogen Peroxide to rinse out the wounds, then used triple antibiotic ointment(not the no-pain version). We covered the wound with gauze and wrapped her up in stretch compression bandage so the gauze wont move. It took her an entire night to get used to it, but I think she's ok now. However, around her wound is now green. Could this be gangrene or bruising? When I push on that area, the flesh seems like its filled with liquid, or really squishy. Please let me know if I'm taking care of her wounds properly. Every night I'm changing the bandages, cleaning the wound and adding more ointment. She gets fed the same as the other birds, but she's alone in an isolated cage in the yard, out of any direct sunlight, except for a few short hours in the afternoon when 1/4 of the cage gets shone on. She has ACV in her water, and is fed fermented feed(made with Probios brand lactobacillis, not ACV fermentation).


    Please help! I DO NOT want to put her down!!
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    It' bruising.

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    Something similar happened to our Buff Orpington she was over our back fence and was attacked but an unknown animal. We found no visible evidence that any animal had been there. We brought her inside and looked at her wounds and cleaned them out with vetericyn gel. One wound under her right wing is more of a puncture wound, with something that appears to be greenish/blue bruising. The wound under her left wing is more of a rip in the skin, with meat being exposed and appears to be turning green. Don't know if this is just from the meat being dry or gangrene. Please help!!! What ended up happening to your chicken?
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    Maddy1122ooo. we got a new dog two years ago named Annabelle as a companion for our Pyrenees mastiff, Patch. little did we know that Annabelle is chaser. A few days after we bought her I heard a hen screaming at the top of her lounges, I came outside and Annabelle had the hen in her mouth and was shaking her as hard as she could. I yelled at Annabelle to stop and she dropped the hen immediately. (Thankfully she's vary obedient) I looked the hen over and the skin had been completely Ripped off her back you could see fat and muscle and one of her eyes had been pushed in. I thought she was going to die, but I was still going to try and fix her, I immediately Cleaned her wounds with warm salt water and trimmed the feathers around Her wound. I put her in a crate in our barn and left her alone the rest of the evening only checking on her every now and then, I didn't want to stress her out while she was coming out of shock
    (She never really liked people) the next day her wound was infected so i cleaned it with salt water. I did that every day several times a day and she pulled through and got better. It's been two years now and she's completely back to normal her feathers grew back and there's barely a scar, except she's blind in one eye. But she's learned to make dew with out it. And as for Annabelle, she only chases rabbits and coons now, and loves to take naps in the sun with the hens. (Which is really something)
    Don't worry about it, Chickens are tough and it doesn't sound to bad she should be fine as long as you keep the wound clean.
    Hope this helps. :)

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