wound from dog bite


Jun 3, 2017
Hello, I am new at this whole chicken thing. One of my dogs took some skin (and maybe a little more) from the back of an adult chicken, bleeding seems to be controlled and the chicken is walking without difficulty. I will catch her and isolate her later this evening when she enters the coop. I plan on flushing it with hydrogen peroxide. Should I also apply some wonder dust on it?

The children and the dogs are in the process of learning this whole chicken experience as well. I feel really bad for the poor chicken.


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Apr 3, 2011
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You can use the peroxide once, but repeated use may prevent healing. Plain neosporin or polysorin ointment is good for wound treatment. If it needs more cleaning, you can use saline. Most wounds on chickens can close up and heal with feather growth at some point. I would be careful with the dogs. Neighbor dogs can be dangerous as well. After my golden retriever played with several of my pullets that had jumped our 4 ft chainlink fence, we used a shock collar once on him with good results. He wouldn't even look at them again. Good luck with your chicken.

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