Wound on chicken neck from dog


Mar 31, 2010
Southern Illinois
I have a 11 week old BO pullet. Due to an unfortunate incident she was bitten on her neck by a small dog and has an open wound. I immediately isolated her from the other chickens. It has been two days and she is acting fine, eating, drinking, and eliminating as normal. I placed Neosporin on some qauze and wrapped it around her neck, within minutes she had it removed. If I thought she was suffering at all I would put her down. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks!
If she is eating and drinking and does not get infected, i would expect a full recovery.

Look out for flies (you don't want maggots in there), and give the wound a sniff from time to time. A change in odor can let you know an infection is present.

I can't tell from your post how big the wound is, but i wanted to recommend you look for a blue wound kote type product. I find it to be indispensable for small wounds at my house. It acts as an antiseptic, protects the wound, and discourages pecking from other birds.
Thanks Punkinpeep. Well, it's been three days and she seems to be healing fine. I'd say the wound is about 1" x 1'. I will look for "blue wound kote" and pick some up as you recommended.
So glad to hear she's better!

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