Wounded bantam cochin

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    Feb 12, 2012
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    Help! My little cochin is being pecked on the head, she has started to molt and the others are attacking her so bad she is bleeding. what type of wound care should I put on her, neosporin????? I have separated her for now. Thanks for any help
    Bird Lady
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    Last year I had a bunch of male Barred Rocks for meat and when they were a couple of weeks old, their fluff appeared sparser because they were outgrowing it and their true feathers were coming in fast and furious. This allowed their little shoulders to show through the fluff. But the lighter color of the skin showing was quite the lure for the chicks to peck. One chick was so pecked that he had a big, raw, bleeding sore.

    I used Neosporin on it (the plain kind--no benzocaine in it) and then separated the chick within the brooder box by placing the wire top of a small guinea pig cage over him. I provided him with food and water in there and left him for several days until his shoulder healed and no longer looked bright red. By separating him within the brooder, I was able to keep him warm without having to set up another brooder and he was kept from being lonely. It also helped the other chicks to continue to recognize him so that when I released him, they didn't peck at him more.

    The picking at each other's shoulder skin was very short-lived. I also put in a hanging chick block to give them something else to do.
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    BluKote is very good at hiding the red wound, and is a good antiseptic/antifungal. Spray it on every 2-3 days. Don't get it on your clothes. It will wear off gradually when the feathers grow out.

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