Wounded chicken hasn't eaten or had any water in 3 days

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    May 8, 2016
    Hi All,
    I'm new to BYC and desperately hoping for some advice. I have two chickens whowere attacked possibly by a racoon Thursday night. One is doing "ok." Her neck is totally exposed on one side and the opposite side is blown up like a balloon, but she's been standing on her own and allowing me to drop water from a syringe on her beak for the last few days, as well as dipping her beak into a watered down mash mix with food and electrolytes. She's not getting much, so finally by today, her head is starting to droop and she's "passing out" more frequently, while I'm trying to work with her. The second one is very badly traumatized. She was mauled, with a pretty bad hole on top of her head and a fully swollen right side of her face (one eye glued shut by dried blood). I've cleaned up up as best I could and even put her under the faucet today because the ants had gotten to her. I had them cordoned off in the chicken run in a separate cage, but realized they needed to be in a much cleaner environment and moved them to a dog crate in my garage. After washing her down, wrapping her in a towel and holding her for awhile before retreating her wounds, I put her back in the crate around 12pm. She hasn't taken in any water or nutrients since Thurs. I put her in the crate and checked her every 30-45 min, all day and she has not woken up. At one point, I realized her head was on the ground (face full of clean rice hulls) and she seems too weak to stay away, move, hold her head up and definitely too weak to ingest anything. I have tried to use the syringe with her as well and she hasn't shown any signs of recognition. I am heart broken and not sure I'm doing the right thing by not just putting her down immediately. I can't take her to a vet and I have never force fed chickens with a tub, sutured wounds, or anything other than feeding and cleaning up after them. I am totally at a loss. I have had to put a wire shelf under her head to allow her to lean forward with head down, but give her space above rice hulls (by leaning on shelf wire) so she can breathe.
    Please advise as best you can.
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    Welcome! How are they doing? Is it possible they are suffering from infection? Sometimes birds will come back around after such an injury. Sometimes even the most experienced hands loose the chickens they were fighting for.
    First off, are they infected? If they are you may want to consider going to yourfeed store and getting some oral and topical antibiotics.
    Then you need to get some food down them. Electrolytes are great. If you can mix a hard-boiled yolk with the electrolytes to make a slurry and dropper feed them that.
    Instead of hulls you might just lay down newspaper for them to bed on.

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