Wounded Cockerel--will this antibiotic work?

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    Nov 14, 2009
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    One of my New Hampshire cockerels tangled with one of the game roosters early this morning apparently. I found him laying in a corner of one of the coops when I went to feed, apparently dead. When I picked him up, I found he was still breathing but badly cut open along the side/top of his tail. The leg on that side is either dislocated, broken somewhere up high that I can't feel it, or just hurting from the wound, because he curls it up and won't use it. I put him in a box in the shade to wait for my husband to get home from work to put him to sleep (I can't make myself do it) and expected he would die while we waited....but he's still alive and my husband wants to give him a chance at life. We'll watch him closely and if he gets bad we'll end it. Right now he is drinking water and just sitting in a box in a cool place so he won't overheat. He isn't really interested in food. I mixed some baby aspirin in his water to help him feel better. I think I need to get him on some antibiotics somehow, but I don't happen to have any neosporin on hand right now (not sure how I ran out and never replaced it!) or any sort of wound powder/ointment, or even an oral medication. I want to get something in him quick, it might be days before I could get into town to get something else. All I do have is a bottle of injectable oxytetracycline. Can I give him a little of that?

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