Wounded hen, just above Cloaca


Nov 21, 2020
I went to the chicken co-op this morning and found feathers strewn all over. Only one bird seems to be hurt and it's just above her cloaca. It's a pretty bad wound though. It's not a puncture wound from a tooth. Do you think this is the roosters doing?

I cleaned the wound with saliene, applied pressure to stop the bleeding, then applied an antibiotic ointment.


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Could possibly be a vent prolapse that the other chickens pecked at and exacerbated. She needs to be separated immediately... as far as treatment goes I’m not too sure with a prolapse, but someone else should be along shortly to tell you exactly what to do.
it probably was not the rooster; they rarely cause damage or injury to the vent area; it’s mostly just on then back of the head and around the wings / saddle area.
So sorry your hen is hurting. Thank goodness we have so many knowledgeable people here..... Maybe someday I will be able to help too.. Always learning....... Best wishes for a healthy healed hen.

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