Wounded/sick chicken?


Oct 11, 2018
Santa Maria California
Hi again. So this morning I found my chicken looking uncomfortable and started checking her out. I found maggots all over her hind quarters. There seems to be some blood coming out but her bottom under her vent seems puffy.... so I’ve soaked her to get the bugs off and dried her and gave her a heating pad and some food. She’s resting in a dark warm. In California I can’t buy any antibiotics. Not sure what else to do. Oh I also cleaned the area with a wound spray cleaner. Had anyone else experienced this before?


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Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
Soaking should be done several times until all maggots stop hatching out. Remove any seen with tweezers if the do not come off in water. Some use a product called Swat or permethrin spray to kill any larva on the surface. Maggots may invade the skin or vents, especially if there is a wound, injury, or a prolapsed vent. Dropping stuck to the bent area during hot weather can attract flies and cause flystrike. I would keep up using the wound spray, and make sure that she is taking some fluids and food. Here is a good article on flystrike:

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