WOW! 100% Hatch Rate!!

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    3 Weeks ago I lent my LG forced air 'bator to some friends so their kids could see a hatch. I gave them a mixed batch of 12 eggs from my flock, not expecting more than 6 or 7 to hatch, since they have never hatched eggs before (or even had chickens to care for) I gave them a 2 page instruction sheet and stayed in touch. Of course I gave them the BYC link so they could do more research and have the support and collective knowlege of all the wonderful people here!

    To my suprise, and despite a 107 degree, 6 hour temp spike, AND a 3 day too early lockdown- ALL 12 HATCHED and SURVIVED!!! I am soooo pleased!! Of course they are in love with the chicks, they went and bought a bunch of supplies to care for them for a week or so and then the babies are coming home to us. I am well on my way to converting some great city slickers into bonafied, countryfied, chicken owners! Woooo Whooo!!

    psssssst- If anyone nearby Auburn would like a few mixed chicks, pm me, I wasnt planning on so many hatching and will have about 6 that need a new home- Freeeeeeeee!!
    All have an Australorpe dad, and the moms are either my mixed breed hen, an Australorpe hen, or an EE hen. All but 2 chicks are black with some yellow, 2 are all yellow.
  2. Wow! That's amazing! [​IMG]
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    Aug 25, 2008
    [​IMG] to all involved!
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    Jul 16, 2009
    Congratulations! A 100% hatch is a rare and wonderful thing! [​IMG]
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    Wow! Ive studied incubating, I got rid of my LG and got a hovabator with a fan, Ive tried different methods, I monitor temp and humidity (have 3 hygrometers) constantly and I STILL cant get even an 80% hatch rate!

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