WOW! Cant believe how much Fuzzy Butts eat! 2 pics

gilligans island

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8 Years
Feb 3, 2011
Valleyford Wa.

Just got our chicks saturday! They' eating and growing so quickly! 6 total chicks. 2 rhodies
2 barred rocks, 1 sex link and 1 new hampshire red. Nice addition to the 5 rhodie hens and
rhodie roo. trying to raise a nice bunch to supply the family with eggs. Have become Chicken
Thanks BYC'ers for all the info of chicken everything!!
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They practically grow before your eyes. I took lots of photos so we could compare their growth one week to the next and it was loads of fun.
I was wishing I had a scale at that time to I could also weigh them to watch their progress.

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