WOW Cayenne Fire CORN SNAKE. [[new pics pg. 4]]

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    This is Phoenix, my Cayenne Fire corn girl. For those of you who know at least a little about corn snake genetics, Fire means an Amel + Bloodred. And Cayenne is a line of fires that are very solid, very bright red, and beautiful! I'll include a pic of her parents at the bottom so you can see what we get to look forward to. [​IMG] The bloodred gene means she'll get more solid as she ages, and this girl has only shed THREE TIMES. I wasn't expecting her to get this red until she was about two years old! Neither did the breeder apparently, because when he saw these pics he asked if I'd ship her back to him! [​IMG] Fat chance!

    So here she is on 09-04:

    And here she is now:


    And here's a pic of lovely mum and dad:

    Hope you like her! Feel free to post your own snake pics!
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    Aug 18, 2008
    That is striking.. congratulations!
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    Wow she's beautiful! So I have a question about the bins. Do most people that keep snakes now keep them in those racks? Is it just easier than a terrarium/natural setting? Or are there other reasons? Or is it mainly those who have multiple snakes? I'm sure they are more cost efficient.


    Nancy [​IMG]
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    absolutely gorgeous!!

    I miss my corn snake - I had a ghost corn, in sunlight he looked almost lavendar colored. My sister has a reddish one - but not that red.

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    Wow, that is one nice snake!

    I don't have any, but I was always under the impression that the bins were used to feed the animals in so that their cages didn't get dirty and you were less prone to being thought of as food when you reached in.
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    Quote:ahh that makes sense [​IMG]
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    Actually, bins, or tubs, are a common use of reptile keepers.

    Tubs hold humidity better, are easier to clean, and more comfortable for the snakes. Plus when you have hundreds of snakes, as some breeders do, or heck, even twenty, a rack system with tubs is a heck of a lot more efficient than tanks.

    Tubs are also light weight, while a tank is fairly heavy.

    I've used tub systems when breeding snakes.
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    I have one but not quite as orange though but i love that color!! Beautiful

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