Wow! Fresh eggs really enhance the flavor!!!


8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
The kids and I made a simple cake that required 3 eggs. Of course we used the freshest laid for the cake, laid that very same day. The neighbor kids came over and between all of us, the entire cake was eaten before dinner. Usually we end up throwing over half the cake away. The neighbor kids said it was the best cake they ever ate.

Pretty soon their parents won't let them come over.
They keep telling me that I'm a better cook then their parents.
. I do try to make everything I can from scratch and homemade. Food is much healthier this way. Having fresh eggs just makes everything better and enhances the taste every time! The kids especially love my homemade fresh bread!

Who would think using fresh eggs would make such a big difference?
Fresh eggs make a world of difference. Maybe you can take advantage of the situation and get the parents next door to turn into egg customers.

By the way, you think a cake made with fresh eggs is good, try a cake made with fresh home raised duck eggs.
Are duck eggs better then chicken eggs? I never tried duck eggs before. I'd like to own a couple, but I don't have a natural water source for them.
Fresh certainly does make a difference; free range on a decently lush land makes a HUGE difference.
I've had duck eggs, they are great, and fresh is really impressive for a lot of recipes, but so is good old fashioned homemade. Not many people bake much any more. I can see it if cooking is a chore, but is a hobby for me, so it is a win win! Also I have a coworker trying to get me to get turkeys, he said their eggs are "it.". Enjoy the praise!

Ps -- edit to add even with fresh water I don't think I could handle duck poo. Of course I sling chicken poo like a pro, so may not be that big of deal, but I fear duck poo from all the posts about the wet mess.
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Duck eggs have a larger yolk, so they are richer. Richness is good in cakes. Plus something about them makes baked goods extra fluffy.

As far as flavor, well raised home grown duck eggs should taste like well raised home grown chicken eggs. In short, they taste like good eggs should.

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